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1. edition design vision

This is the 1. edition of our design vision, which we came up with at our first design seminar in Aarhus.

How can we work with mechanics, in a way that support childrens realization of natural science, through interaction, creativity, play and their naturally curiosity.

or our working headline

Rediscovering the imagination in experimental technology

We are aware of, that there is a lot of open questions in that vision. As the project moves forward we are narrowing it in.

Hello world!

Welcome to brought to you by PH++

Our goal is to share our experiences, findings, results, ideas etc. relating to educational design and theory. With these we will try to bridge the gap between playing and learning.

Our common ground is a shared Master of Arts (Education) in ICT-based Educational Design. (Cand.pæd.)

We hope you will find our posts useful.

Asbjørn, Helle, Jesper and Pernille

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